She Who Walks With Goats

Meet My Family

Our family started out with me and the M&M King.  Then Bing, Bang, Bong we had three boys in six years.  M&M King blames his hair loss on the addition of each child and feared anymore would surely leave him bald.  It ended up that we had never discussed HOW MANY children we each wanted.  When we got to two my husband was done but, I wasn’t.  My idea of the perfect size was four drooling mouths to feed.  So after some stalling the M&M King blessed my life with one more boy which ended up being born on his daddy’s birthday. Aaah a special bond already.

M&M King is my husband.  He got his name from always getting a bag of m&m’s out of the vending machine at work.  A coworker’s wife made him a nice sign with that name on it and he has it hanging in his office.

Our oldest is “Firstborn” A typical firstborn personality describes him.  He is the caretaker of his brothers.  He is compassionate and thoughtful beyond his years and has confidence and happiness in himself.


Next came “Daredevil”  This kid has all the confidence in the world that his body will not break.  I’ve never met a more happy go lucky kid.  Being a middle child he has the typical “blend in” personality.  In a group of cousins many times you will not even realize he’s there but, he is enjoying himself.

And last but certainly not least is “hoop”.  When he was a toddler he obsessed over the basketball hoop and “hoop” was his first word.  Typical of being last of the siblings he knows what he wants, how to tell you what he wants and how to get what he wants.  He’s our best fighter in my husband’s opinion.  He spends almost all relaxing hours making something out of any craft material he can get his hands on or taking apart his toys with motors in them to see what’s inside.  I would say a type A personality with a short temper. Watch out!


Then there’s our furry and feathery family members.  Our hound Rusty is the Cowardly Lion in dog form.  But such a gentle personality can’t be criticized too extremely.  He barks just enough at the Javelina to let me know I should shoo them away.

  Our chickens started out as 6 from the feed store.  Only one is left from the original flock sadly.  Rural life can be cruel but also rewarding thanks to a rooster in the mixof chicks one year.  We now host 13 wonderful producing hens and they produce our own offspring.  



Finally,  those animals with whom I spend almost every spare waking hour thinking about are our goats.  Six in all, we started with two and that grew into a little herd.  There are three does, two wethers and a Buck.  All with distinct personalities.  They provide us with milk half the year and cute babies in the spring.


That’s us.  All parked here in the middle of nowhere in pursuit of happiness.  Loving God, our country and our family.


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